Resident Programs and Services



The around-the-clock resident supervision and support from our carefully-chosen New Horizons Village caregiver team enables our residents to live comfortably, safely, and helps them achieve their highest personal levels of growth and independence.

In our six on-campus homes housing up to eight residents each, New Horizons Village care professionals teach daily living skills: eating, dressing, oral and physical hygiene, and other independent living abilities.

At our premier Active Treatment Facility (ATF), residents attend classes and study such subjects as geography, art, money handling and occupational skills – and more - in a safe, caring and fun environment. The ATF program establishes achievable resident goals that promote independent living.

Our dietary staff plans, prepares and delivers resident meals both family-style and individually based on dietary requirements. The dietary team prepares all meals for campus special events, and helps residents grow their independence by teaching them cooking and baking skills under supervision of our dietary manager, a registered dietician.

Our Housekeeping and Maintenance staff work to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe living and working environment for everyone at New Horizons Village.


Our team of recreation therapy professionals has designed for residents’ activities to meet specific individual therapeutic self-expression; self-awareness; appropriate social interaction; exercise; and entertainment. Skills and interests are developed for enjoyable and constructive leisure experience for all residents.

In the community, recreation therapists fashion opportunities for residents to interact with others in the community and enjoy special outings for dinner; dessert; picnics; shopping; attending local attractions, and participating Special Olympics events. Many of our residents are Special Olympics athletes.



Social Services programs ensure effective and continuous communication takes place between our residents and their families, loved ones, guardians and advocates.

New Horizons Village Social Services —a leader in recognizing, respecting, and interpreting resident rights— maintains legal guardianships and protection of residents rights related to living in an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF). Social Services is the liaison between the Department of Child & Family (DCF) services, Social Security Administration (SSA), Medicare and Medicaid to ensure all benefits are maintained timely and accurately.



Responsible for overseeing and evaluating client programs, the QIDP sees to it that needs identified in each resident’s Habilitation Plan are addressed with formal goals or as part of a teaching method.

Vital QIDP roles include clinical team leader ensuring that quarterly meetings and reviews of residents’ progress are timely and meaningful; that an annual Habilitation Plan is complete for each resident; ensuring a resident’s highest success in acquiring a needed skill; and that education program and residential goals are offered, when possible, in both the Learning Center and residents’ homes.

Our QIDP is involved in resident incidents on campus and investigates any allegation of resident abuse, neglect or mistreatment.


Health Care Services (HCS) provide the daily health program and maintain health records for all New Horizons Village residents. HCS operates year-round, 24 hours a day, and is staffed by a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Director and a staff of other LPNs who collaborate and communicate with the New Horizons Village consulting Registered Nurse and Medical Director.

The HCS team performs medication administration and medical treatments ordered by the Medical Director. The team also schedules, prepares and transports residents to and from medical and other health care appointments.

HCS’ additional responsibilities for resident care include physical, occupational, and speech therapies, dental care, podiatry, and even psychiatric care. HCS schedules and assists other professionals in conducting regular on-site resident examinations and evaluations.

Our Health Care Services team has a pivotal role in each resident’s personal health care program.


Led by a Ph.D.-level, board-certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, New Horizons Village’s behavioral team use the principles of applied behavior analysis to help our residents attain and sustain adaptive, healthy, and positive behaviors.

Reviewing and analyzing behavior data, our analysts focus on how treatment and behavior plans are working for our residents. Our analysts work with instructors, direct care staff, and others to implement the selected procedures so residents will become proficient in their new skills in any environment.